Art of Wellness is about caring for life. This could be you, those around you or our environment. Therefore as a community, we endeavour to care and incorporate principles that promote life and well-being in servitude and support of others. These principles include integrity, equality, patience and generosity. We allow ourselves to focus on creating an atmosphere for like-minded people to progress their wellbeing within their mind, body and soul. At Art of Wellness we strive to provide a welcoming, non-judgmental environment for all to join us on our journey.


Art of Wellness's philosophy is to encourage people to change their mindset from trying to beat their body into shape, which often causes injury and isn’t sustainable, to creating a lifestyle of wellbeing, which can be sustained over the long term. We believe if you are willing to take a long-term view of your wellbeing, then you will be more likely be able to care for those around you in the long term. therefore, contributing and helping to create a better place to be for all of us.

Art of Wellness believes wellbeing should not be something you do, but rather something you become.



Art of Wellness has arrived at the beautiful heritage building at 181a Glebe Point Road, Glebe.

We are very encouraged by our loyal members, who are at the heart of creating the family and caring community environment. Thank you for your continued loyalty and for continuing to share the journey with us.

We hope that together, being located now in the heart of Glebe we continue to build our friendship and practice together for many more years to come.


True success is not found or measured in what one earns or obtains in life. True and genuine success is found and measured by one’s ability to give in their life.

NLT reads: "It is more blessed to give than to receive." It is better to give than receive because when one’s heart is willing, there is a deeper and longer lasting joy in the experience of giving compared to the experience of receiving.

One of the passions Art of Wellness has is to be able to give to the less fortunate. As a family within the health and wellbeing community, this is our desire.

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